Community Groups


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Will you join us on our mission to foster meaningful, Christ-centered community?  

Our hope is that every member of 2BC becomes invested in a community group committed to nurturing a relationship with God and growing in relationship with one another while finding ways to impact the world together in Jesus’ name.

Community groups come in all shapes and sizes and will meet at various times throughout the week, including on Sunday morning. Here are a few of the types of groups you can join.

Covenant groups foster deeply personal relationships among members to encourage spiritual growth, healing, and/or accountability. Groups engage in 3-4 different studies throughout the year and require a very high level of commitment from group members.     

Topical study groups participate in book or Bible studies to foster growth. Groups may select a theme of study for the year or pursue multiple topics of study. 

Ongoing study groups participate in book or Bible studies to foster growth. Groups meet year-round and new members are always welcome. Groups often meet on Sunday mornings.

Activity groups are formed around a common activity or interest.

Ministry groups are formed around a shared passion for a unique ministry. Ministry groups help others encounter God’s presence and grace through their service.    

Group sign-ups will begin in early September and begin meeting in October. Look for more information about specific topics and meeting times in the coming weeks.