What We Believe

Our mission statement and our values won't tell you all about us. We're too human to be boiled down into a few words. But we did work pretty hard on these, and we're working hard to reflect them still, so maybe if you consider our mission statement and our values together, they'll tell you something about us. It's a start anyway.


Our Mission 

Second Baptist Church is committed to fostering:

  • Meaningful Christ-centered Community
  • Whole-life Faith
  • A Transforming Missional Presence

Our mission statement is our formal written statement of our faith community purpose. The mission statement guides the actions of our organization, defines our overall goals, provides a sense of direction, and guides our decision-making. It provides "the framework within which our strategies are formulated."

Our vision is to be a catalyst for God's dreams to come true among the people of Second Baptist Church, throughout the KC metro region, and around our world.








 Our Affiliation

Second Baptist Church is a congregation affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. 


Our Values 

Backward (Heritage)

The future is wound up in the past, and its difficult to ever go anywhere unless you understand where you've been. We have a rich history at Second. We celebrate that history even as we continue to move into an ever changing future. 

Forward (Journey)
We believe faith is a process and life is a journey. If you figured it all out yet, if you're still learning and growing, and if you're looking for a group of people to walk this path of faith with you graciously, we hope you'll consider joining us on our journey. 



Inward (Wholeness)
All of us are broken in some way, and we believe that God wants us and all of of creation to be whole. We believe this is a huge part of experiencing redemption in this life. Wholeness doesn't just happen, it's an eternal endeavor. If you believe God wants to heal all of you and make you whole, we just might be the church for you.

Outward (Serving)
We believe faith is more than self-inspection. Christ-centered faith looks outward and humbly asks "what can I do, how can I help, whom can I serve?" At Second Baptist we want to join with God in serving the world as a community, and we want to help each individual member of our church find their unique niche in God's work too. 

Upward (Worship)
We are not simply living in community with one another, but are committed to an ever growing communion with Almighty God. Whether we are gathering for a service on Sunday morning, studying together during the week, breaking bread around a table, or serving together on mission, we do so with our spirits tuned upward as an offering to our God. Or at least, that's our hope. 

Withward (Relationship)
We were created in the image of our God who is a social reality: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In God's image, we are relational beings. With this in mind, our goal is to live, serve, grow, and worship from relationship to relationship. Fostering meaningful, Christ-centered community isn't about making everyone feel welcomed, it is about becoming who we're created and redeemed in Christ. Relationship is our chief value. 

Synergy 1 + 1 = 3. 
We believe that as we worship, serve, learn, and grow together in Christ-centered community, our whole will truly become greater than the sum of our parts. In community, there is possibility for greater innovation, creativity, meaning, joy, worship, and service. In community there is greater possibility. Synergy cannot happen in isolation. Synergy can only happen as ideas, gift, and lives are joined together in a kind of holy harmony. We value synergy at Second Baptist. And we long for it.



Opportunities abound to exercise your unique gifts and abilities at Second Baptist and at the same time strengthen this faith community.  Caring for each other, groups working on specific ministry tasks, helping around the church, or making sure all are greeted with a smile, whatever you desire to add to the vision of this faith community is welcome. 

MORE about serving at 2BC and areas you can get plugged in.





Discovering and knowing God through Jesus Christ is what brings a Christian faith community together.  While all are welcome to learn, grow and worship at Second Baptist, we invite each person to consider the additional step of joining the church.
MORE about membership and how to join 2BC.