Membership at 2BC

Second Baptist Church is not American Express. With American Express, membership has its privileges. At Second Baptist, non-membership is entirely about privilege, but membership has its responsibilities. 

Basic expectations for members of Second Baptist Church include: 

Corporate Worship

We expect members to worship God with our faith community weekly if at all possible.

Spiritual Formation

We expect members to engage in at least one opportunity per year (Bible Study, Wednesday Sessions, retreat, etc) that is focused on their spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus Christ.


We expect members to serve at Second Baptist at least once a month and to devote at least 15 hours a year to some area of ministry beyond the walls of Second Baptist.


We expect members of 2BC to give in proportion to their income with the goal being the tithe. It is just a joy for us to be in community on mission for Christ together at Second Baptist Church. We so hope you’ll join us!


Why Join?

We believe the invitation to join is both Biblical and practical.

Biblical: Ephesians 5:25 states, “Christ loved the church and gave his life for it.” Throughout scripture, faithful, God-seeking individuals seem to find their way into communities where that faith is nurtured and challenged. The church is the body of Christ, and joining a local faith community reflects a commitment to Jesus’ work in that place.  

Practical: Joining a church encourages spiritual growth through accountability and friendship, something Jesus’ followers experienced. We believe joining a church illustrates a sense of devotion and faithfulness, often in opposition to our commitment-challenged society. Church membership can also be a help in difficult times. As one person said, “When I struggle with or doubt my faith, I can trust yours to get me through.” 

How to Join? 

It begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  At each worship time an invitation is extended to anyone seeking that personal relationship with Jesus.  Or you can speak with someone from the Pastoral staff at any time.  If you have discovered a personal relationship with Jesus you may desire to be baptized.  We baptize by immersion as part of worship on a day you choose.  

If you have joined another faith community in the past you may wish to transfer your membership to Second Baptist.  Wherever you find yourself in this journey of faith we want to encourage what God is doing in your life and offer you a place to belong and become.


Opportunities to Learn More about 2BC

Coffee with the Pastor
Join us for an informal coffee with Pastor Jason Edwards and a few members of Second Baptist Church. Ask questions and chat about Second Baptist, how things work, and just anything you might want to know as you get more familiar with the faith family at Second. To find out when the next class is scheduled, contact our church office at 816.781.2824.

Connections Class
Connections is the perfect opportunity for new members, those who consider 2BC their church home, and anyone exploring the Second Baptist community to discover all that is available! Second Baptist Church offers a Sunday morning opportunity specifically for new members and others who consider Second Baptist their church home and want to become more involved.
Learn more about our Connections Class.

Contact Associate Pastor, Mike Lassiter with further questions and how to get started, or call the church office.  816.781.2824