Connie McNeill


Meet Connie McNeill
Associate Pastor of Pastor of Administration and Discipleship


What a privilege to bring a lifetime of serving the church through several different ministry settings. My connections included the Missouri Baptist Convention, Central Seminary and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. My experience has relied on gifts and expertise in administration, leadership and management and a love for the local church.

This community of faith has shaped my life and calling. They saw gifts in me that they affirmed through ordination, when ordaining women was not something common in Baptist life.  Yet, clearly, it was in the hearts and minds of this congregation! Whether is was a commitment to missions, giving leadership to needed ministry and services in the community, or taking courageous stands because they believed it was the right thing to do -- this church has been and continues to be faithful to the Lord it loves and serves. When I returned to Liberty after almost nine years, there were many questions to be answered, but not one about where I would again plant my life to serve the local church. It would be Second Baptist.  

As the Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Equipping, I will get to serve in a way that brings deep joy to my life. One of my passions is helping people learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus—being re-formed like Jesus, so the world is trans-formed by our projected image of Christ into the world. I am privileged to grow and serve with you. 

Constance McNeill (Connie)

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