Catalyst Ministry Plan


Have you driven around our community in the last 10-20 years? It’s growing. It’s changing. For many who’ve lived here for a while, this is something to grieve. Liberty is not what Liberty once was (the small town so many acres of land away from Kansas City). That loss is real and worth grieving, but it also comes with great opportunity.

God is bringing the world to our doorstep, and with it, so much spiritual, economic, emotional and physical need. There are thousands of people living in and coming to our city who need to know Jesus the way we have come to know Jesus at Second Baptist. A Jesus that welcomes and does not shun. A Jesus that is not threatened by an open mind. A Jesus that understands people are multidimensional, because He created them that way. A Jesus who has a desire to minister to whole people in a thoughtful, gracious and loving way.

In our growing and increasingly diverse context where people often find rigidity and intolerance to be barriers that inhibit a relationship with Jesus, we need to offer our witness of Jesus and for Jesus. People need to experience Christ’s presence through us in thought, word and deed. To reach our goals we’ll need to train: strengthen our core, renew our focus, and work hard to become as strong as we can be so we’re ready to throw our hats into the ring for every challenge God wants us to embrace and every dream God would like to see come true.

That’s what Catalyst is about. It’s about God’s dreams coming true in us and through us as we strengthen our church, strengthen our impact in greater Liberty, and strengthen our global presence.

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        Catalyst 2016-2018 Commitment Card


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