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Update from India: Thursday, May 1

We drove through the Naga Hills this morning and arrived at Japfu Christian College for 9:00 tea and 10:00 chapel.  About 400 people were present and the aisles were filled with additional chairs.  They listened intently.  Then we had tea with the faculty and spent an hour talking about the proposed Christian university on the drawing board.  That was followed by lunch in the Principal's home where we met her husband and other college leaders.  The school is about 15 years old and doing very well. 

On our way into Kohima we stopped at the cemetery for casualties of the Battle of the Tennis Courts in WWII where the Japanese were finally stopped in their march westward.  It was nice to see the the way soldiers from Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths were honored with equal dignity. 

By 5 pm were were at the office complex of the Naga Baptist Church Convention.  Quick trip to the NBCC Convention Center which is another story.  Dinner and presentations with convention staff in the unair-conditioned guest house where we are staying tonight.  Over 90% of Nagaland is Baptist and they are grateful for the first Baptist missionaries who came here in 1872.  They are a wonderful example of effective mission work. Travel day tomorrow.  No presentations. 

Steve and Jerry

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Friday, May 9, 2014
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Update from India : Sunday, April 27–Tuesday, April 29

Sunday, April 27  
Last day of conference.  Lots of business to attend to.  Steve and I stay through it all.  Cooks prepare lunch and dinner for 350 just as they did on Saturday.  Fabric tent over bamboo poles.  Open fire to cook rice for 350 (no pot luck).  I helped put rice in banana leaves and rolled them up for guests and to great amusement of cooks.  Steve is a rock star and everyone wants a picture with him.  Reid Trulson, Ben Chan and JBC make final presentations.  Dr. Lama is leaving as CEO and thus there were lots of final gifts and thank yous.  We were housed in the best hotel in Pasighat.  More on that later. 

Monday, April 28  
Left at 5:00 a.m. for journey to Dimapur, Nagaland.  10 hours on the road.  Had precarious crossing of the Bramahputra River.  Skidded down a steep sandy hill and crossed two 2x12s hoping to land the car on a ferry only as wide as the cars are long.  The third car had a limited shot and thus they asked an American female missionary to drive it onto the ferry.  There will be no more bad jokes about women drivers.  She threaded the needle and got the car on the ferry with less than a foot between them.  We did stop to tour a Christian college and hospital started by missionaries. 

Tuesday, April 29 
We are at Trinity Theological College in Dimapur, Nagaland.  I present this afternoon to about 10 schools the "Needs and Challenges of Christian Higher Education in the 21st Century." We are living on the edge but are still healthy and still like each other. 

Jerry and Steve

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Thursday, May 1, 2014
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Update from India : Thursday, April 24

The presentation this morning to the executive committee of the Council for Baptist Churches of North East India went well.  The one hour was extended to 2.5 hours before it was over.  Lots of questions on my assigned topic "Challenges and Opportunities of Christian Higher Education in 21st Century."  There were about 30 of the key decision makers in the discussion. 

The CBCNEI Compound is about 5 acres on the banks of the Bramahputra River in downtown Guwahati, Assam, India.  Built by American Baptist gifts the operation is entirely in the hands of the nationals.  There are about 12 buildings in the complex (think Windermere, Baptist Building in Jefferson City, and Harold's office above the Mexican restaurant all combined in one.)  Two office buildings; canteen; three hostels/dormitories for leadership training; chapel; 4 homes; work space for abused women learning skills; book store; library/archives, craft shop; plant operations.  We can have air conditioning or hot water but not at the same time.  Warmest April since 1999. 

Today is election day so all businesses are closed and the army is on full alert in the streets.  Nearly one billion votes may be cast before this election is over.  Thanks again for your interest in this project. 

Jerry and Steve

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Friday, April 25, 2014
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