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When Life is Unfair, God is Good!

Today at ROAR! VBS we will be teaching kids, "When life is unfair, God is good!" It's hard to believe that God is good in the midst of the hardship, isn't it? I'm sure you can think of many examples from your own life. How can God be good when your first-born child is born with a devastating illness, like Spina Bifida, that threatens even the existence of life? How can God be good when a young mother of four is diagnosed with cancer? How can life be good, when your spouse of forty years announces they want a divorce? How can God be good when he leads you to a strange land where you and your children are taken captive, like the Israelites in Egypt (today's Bible story)? The prophet Nahum said, "The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes." (Nahum 1:7). 

God is good even when things are bad. It's an age-old question to ask, "Why does God let bad things happen?" But the answer is that God let's bad things happen out of love. Love is seeking AND doing what's best for another. Love requires an attitude of respect, which only comes about if the other person has the ability to choose. For there to be a choice, there must be freedom to choose. And freedom intrinsically requires actions of responsibility if we are to choose in a loving way. The end result of having a right to choose, and being responsible for that choice, is that there are consequences to the choice. I'm not saying here that bad things happen because of something the good person did. I am saying there are bad things in the world because, ever since Adam and Eve, we have been choosing out of selfish purposes and not love for others. God doesn't leave evil in our world as punishment, to test us, for lack of interest in our life, or, least of all, because he desires it for us. Evil isn't in the world because he is powerless to affect it. Or because we didn't do something well enough, like pray hard enough. Evil is in the world so that we may love God out of our own choosing. God loves us all the time. So, when life is unfair, God is still good. 

That's a difficult concept for even the must studied, mature among us. But in today's VBS we communicated, to the best of our ability, that Bible point to the children. They had the opportunity to share about times when they observed that God is good.  As they learned about the Integrated Child Development Center in the Ngerenya community of Kenya, they heard from Children in Africa (via video) and how they had experienced God's goodness. As you live life together, help your children understand that God is good, even when things are hard. 

Posted by Janet Hill at 6:00 AM
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