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When Hate is the Motive- We Are All Targets

When Hate Is The Motive We Are All Targets
by Ed Chasteen

He hated Jews. So he killed two Methodists and a Catholic. Sounds like a sick joke. But it happened. Right here in Greater Kansas City.

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, April 13, 2014, a man's whose website rants against Jews went to the Jewish Community of Greater Kansas City and used a shotgun to kill a 69 year old grandfather and his 14 year old grandson as they sat in their car. He then went to Shalom Village a short distance away where he shot and killed a 54 year old woman making her weekly visit to her mother. The man with the gun in his hand and hate in his heart targeted two Jewish sites and killed three Christians.

The grandfather and grandson were members of a Methodist church, coming to the Jewish Community Center so the grandson could audition for a singing contest. The woman was a member of a Catholic church, visiting her mother who lives at Shalom Village.

Among us everyday in everyplace live those whose hearts and heads have been given over to a hatred of some group they despise so much that no reason can penetrate. And when they act on that hate, as some always will, they, in their blind fury, strike down whoever comes in sight.

We all are potential victims. So let us come together now to mourn these three persons who were killed. On an ordinary day when they were doing oirdinary things, blind hatred ended their lives and forever changed the lives of those who loved them.

Let us also draw close to these two Jewish sites. They are precious places whose presence among us elevates us all, giving us all a glimpse of how we might better live together and treat each other.

Posted by Kelsey Adams at 9:00 AM
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