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What's Cookin' in the Kitchen by Linda Greason

Greetings and welcome to February! The work of the 2BC Kitchen has been extremely busy throughout the holiday and winter. Although we are not "feeding 5000" we do eat frequently and thus need both your help and support in events with food. As Kitchen Coordinator, I am ready and willing to help in finding a cooking team, planning/procuring meals or even shopping for groceries. Please contact me if I can assist your group in any way. You can help too. Please read on to perhaps find an area of serving that might work for you and the meals we are serving.

Cooks and Cooking Teams 

Cooks Wanted if you are someone who enjoys cooking and would like to join a cooking team for future events, or you already have a team assembled, please use the information listed below to contact me.  You are a much-desired individual! 

Teams Welcome

If you have a group of friends that enjoy meal preparation and would like to make yourselves available for an upcoming meal, please contact me and let me know.

Groceries/Equipment Needs

New Equipment Recently new equipment has been purchased to assist in meal preparation and service. A commercial quality food processor and immersion blender have been purchased. In addition, we now have nearly 12 dozen, 10 oz. rimmed bowls perfect for serving soups, pasta, salads, etc.
Pantry The kitchen pantry, located in the social room, is stocked with minimal supplies. If ever you and your team deplete a pantry item, please make a note on the "grocery needs" list on the side counter. I check this each Sunday to determine if there are groceries that I need to purchase and restock the pantry.  

Event Clean-up (i.e., dishwashing)

A team has been secured that will be paid to wash dishes after events. However, the team is made up of 2BC youth and may not always be available. If you need dishwashers, please contact me and I will try to arrange this for your event. If you or someone you know would be interesting in earning a little extra money, please contact me about your interest in this paid position.

Linda Greason
2BC Kitchen Coordinator


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