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Update from Thailand :: June 19

From June 19

Today was intended as a time to relax and to process what we have experienced over the past several days. After breakfast, we boarded a van for a trip to Maesa Elephant Camp where Asian elephants are trained beginning at age 2-3. As we entered the park, we purchased bananas and sugarcane for feeding the elephants. Several elephants and their trainers were lined up for feeding. We held out the food in our hands, and the animals used their trunks to grasp the food and put it into their mouths. As we fed the elephants, their trainers called us over to pose with the elephants for pictures. The elephants  wrapped their trunks around our shoulders to give us gentle hugs. A little overzealous one made a mark on Sabra's neck. Tracy also experienced a little too much PDA. Oh, no! After feeding the elephants, trainers led the elephants into the water for baths, and we took more pictures.

Next, we went into an arena where the elephants played several games including soccer, basketball, and darts. They even painted pictures. The trainers dipped different brushes into the paint buckets and then allowed the elephants to grasp the brush handles with their trunks. The elephants then used very steady strokes to paint flowers or other natural scenes. Once we left the elephant camp, we made a stop at an orchid and butterfly park and another stop at a rug shop. After returning to our hotels, several of us went exploring in Chiang Mai. Five of us ate lunch at Duke's, a restaurant with plenty of Western food.

That evening we had our final meal as a combined group at The Riverside Restaurant in Chiang Mai. We enjoyed outdoor seating for 10 close the water. The temperature was pleasant with partial shade from the sun. We shared several dishes and had fun talking and laughing about our experiences.


Posted by Terri Soper at 11:05 AM
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