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Update from Thailand :: June 18

From June 18

Today we departed the village of Hoi Pong to travel back to Chiang Mai. Along the way, we ate breakfast at a place that served American food. After many days of eating rice and soup for breakfast, several of us were delighted to eat fried or scrambled eggs or omelets. We made a sight-seeing stop at The Phra Non Cave for a guided tour. Within the cave were live bats, various Buddhist shrines, and many natural features resembling animals. A few "gates" within the cave required crawling on hands and knees for a few meters.

We arrived at our hotel (Galare Guesthouse) about 1:00 PM local time. We enjoyed a final meal with our host Tui before saying farewell for now. I believe that I speak for all in saying that Tui is being used by God in powerful ways. As mentioned before, Tui and those at UHDP are doing a wonderful job of developing and teaching sustainable agricultural techniques that help restore and sustain the Earth. They teach local, hill tribe farmers, pastors from various regions, and others interested in either using these techniques or learning to care for the Earth. Through UHDP's Creation Care Ministry, Tui and others have begun to talk about Christianity in non-threatening ways. We have committed to pray for them and to be advocates for what they are doing. We would like to encourage others to pray for them, too.

After lunch several of us went to Mengrai Kilns, a place that sells numerous ceramic pieces including vases, tableware, figurines, and nativity sets. We enjoyed this time to shop and to reflect on our time in Thailand. For a little taste of home, several of us ate pizza for dinner that evening.


Posted by Terri Soper at 9:58 PM
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