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Update from Thailand :: June 14

Today we visited two sites-a Palaung village at the border of Thailand and Burma and The Royal Project. The border village of Roi Ankam is located at an elevation of about 1600 m at the southernmost edge of the Himalayas. The trip to this spot involved a steep climb along winding roads, including two 90 degree turns. Only two years ago, Burmese troops engaged in gunfire with a Burmese Wa tribe near this village. As we walked along the border, we saw entrenchments and two sandbag fortifications for heavy guns. Our host Tui explained that on the Burmese side, troops patrol a few hundred yards from our location. Also, beyond the fenced border, minefields are active. In Roi Ankam, we visited a local market where women sold jewelry and clothing primarily. Many of the bags and clothing were dyed with natural products. Several of us purchased items at the market.

After this visit, we made our way to The Royal Project, a national treasure of beautiful gardens, plant displays, and greenhouse research projects. In 1975 the King of Thailand eliminated the poppy fields in this region and created an ongoing project to build and maintain gardens and promote agriculture. We were all impressed with the magnificent colors and exquisitely manicured plant displays. Here we saw how dedicated people care for God's creation and help it to thrive.

For dinner we enjoyed the hospitality of several of the residents of UHDP. They prepared an amazing meal for us consisting of pad thai, a beef and potato dish with a perfectly-seasoned gravy, purple sweet potato and curry fried pie, and mango and sticky rice dessert.

As mentioned earlier, each morning and evening we have been doing daily office readings and reflecting on the past 24 hours through prayers of examine. This evening Sabra talked about how the return to natural agricultural practices here in northern Thailand parallels with how God wants each of us to experience the Christian life. By examining our lives and responding to God, we can bring our lives into balance. May we all look to God for that balance.

We appreciate your continued prayers!


Posted by Kelsey Adams at 9:20 PM
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