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Update from Thailand :: June 13

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By bedtime last night most in our group were very tired. We had worked all day in hot and humid conditions, and, as Jason pointed out, we were still contending with the long flight and the drastic change in time zones. During the evening, a couple of funny things happened. In our tired states, our brains were not functioning very well, and we were saying some really crazy things. As we began our evening routine, a cat got into our eating/meeting room. Ed calmly picked up the cat and put her outside. To prevent the cat from re-entering we needed to put a chair in front of the door to keep it closed. Someone said, "Put a cat in front of the door to keep it closed."

As we were finishing our evening meal, we lost electricity. We used flashlights and candles for our devotional and readings of the daily office. The funny part was taking showers by flashlight before retiring to bed.

Today, we continued our work in the Palaung village of Huay Wai. We mixed cement with hand tools and helped lay a low cement block wall around the water treatment system. As Bryan pointed out, mixing cement on the ground as opposed to in a wheelbarrow was really taxing on the back. Before leaving, we presented several gifts to leaders of the community. Ben presented a multi-tool to one of the leaders who was also one of the workers on the project. Bryan presented a soccer ball with a Hawgs emblem, and Blane presented several t-shirts with William Jewell College logos. The leaders were very appreciative, and we could see the happiness on their faces. 

We also toured the village to see how the villagers were applying techniques they had learned at UHDP. Mr. Lam's backyard farm was particularly impressive. In the small space of about a quarter acre, he was raising a hog, catfish, and chickens and producing corn, beans, aloe vera, and lynchee and jack fruits. He was also making various kinds of soaps, using all natural ingredients. Amazing!


Posted by Kelsey Adams at 8:45 AM
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