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Update from India : Wednesday, April 23

Today's only speaking engagement will be with the women's indigenous female graduate students studying in the University of Guwahati and other local graduate schools much like the men's hostel I reported on earlier this week. 

Dr. Reid Trulson, Executive Director of ABC International Ministries, and Ben Chan, ABC Asian Area Director, have arrived here at the Council for Baptist Churches in North East India and thus our team is complete.  Our paper work was delivered today allowing the four of us into the disputed area called Arunachal Pradesh for 4 days with no extensions allowed.  Sounds scary.  The morning paper reported that China denied a visit from an India youth delegation because the Indians were sending a lad from Arunachal Pradesh.  Both nations claim the region and find ways to squabble over it.  Our meeting will attract some 300 Baptists and thus far has had no political problems.   

Tomorrow we leave about 5 AM to drive 10 hours over reportedly rough roads.  I speak at 6:00 PM to the group on Christian Higher Education.  The main meeting begins at 7:30 where I speak again on Christian Leadership Traits.  I doubt if we will have internet connections for the next 5 days but we will try to report if we do. 

We are well.  We are rested.  We are eating OK.  It is a joy to have Steve as a sounding board.  Thanks for your prayers and support. 

Jerry and Steve

Posted by Kelsey Adams at 11:30 AM
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