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Update from India: Thursday, May 1

We drove through the Naga Hills this morning and arrived at Japfu Christian College for 9:00 tea and 10:00 chapel.  About 400 people were present and the aisles were filled with additional chairs.  They listened intently.  Then we had tea with the faculty and spent an hour talking about the proposed Christian university on the drawing board.  That was followed by lunch in the Principal's home where we met her husband and other college leaders.  The school is about 15 years old and doing very well. 

On our way into Kohima we stopped at the cemetery for casualties of the Battle of the Tennis Courts in WWII where the Japanese were finally stopped in their march westward.  It was nice to see the the way soldiers from Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths were honored with equal dignity. 

By 5 pm were were at the office complex of the Naga Baptist Church Convention.  Quick trip to the NBCC Convention Center which is another story.  Dinner and presentations with convention staff in the unair-conditioned guest house where we are staying tonight.  Over 90% of Nagaland is Baptist and they are grateful for the first Baptist missionaries who came here in 1872.  They are a wonderful example of effective mission work. Travel day tomorrow.  No presentations. 

Steve and Jerry

Posted by Kelsey Adams at 1:32 PM
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