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The Word on the Street by Sue Wright

Around our house, we play word games you find in the newspaper, our preferences, crossword puzzles, the Scramble, Celebrity Cipher, and Cryptoquip. Solving such mind games is supposed to help older folks stave off senility. I’m trusting that to be true though I’ve yet to see any evidence of it working for The Hon and me. You know, the staving off of whatever I’ve already forgotten I told you. Of course, once you’re 84 and almost 75, it’s hard to know what’s working to keep old age at bay. Our mental faculties for distant memories do seem to be getting better every day but responding to a puzzle clue with an answer that should be familiar as the back of our hands, not so much. 

Anyway, yours truly got to thinking last week, wouldn’t it be fun to play a word association game with the readers of her blog today— ask them to write down the first word that comes to their heads when they see the name, Second Baptist.

I’m just guessing, but I’m confident Cathy Baker and the Hospitality Committee will hope a lot of you out there, especially visitors to Second, jot down the word “friendly.” The more global-minded in our congregation? The word, “missions.” 

Many of you will post, “preaching,” because you appreciate Jason’s sermons as much as I do. Others will throw down their pens and sing out, “the music!” even though “the music!” is two words, and the rule is you only get one. Remember, it’s my game! MOPS moms? You’re exempted from the one-word rule if you choose, “family-embracing.”  Hyphenated words only count as one anyway, including words like “over-dressy” and “ultra-traditional,” descriptions of Second I’m expecting to see from the younger more progressive set.

Naturally, it would be nice to discover spirit-led, Bible-centered, faith-based, service-oriented, sociable, discerning, prayerful, creative, inspired, dynamic, open, and welcoming among the answers. Then all the Ultimate Puzzle Master would need to finish off this soul-teaser, would be His own favorite four-letter word. 

Got it already? Sure you do. The word is L-O-V-E!  May we at Second fill that blank for ALL who enter our doors!

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