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Sharing Our Stories : The Bridge

Belong. Believe. Become. These words have come to symbolize so much what we’re after as we attempt life together as an ever-growing community of faith. And we hope that they are happening among us simultaneously and sequentially. 

There is purpose in the sequence. We led with belong for a reason. We want folks at every level of church life, from newcomer to life timer, to experience belonging. But, of course, we realize there are different levels of belonging. 

Our goal is that all of us will come to experience the deepest level of belonging possible. This happens when we move from the sequential experience of that first feeling of belonging to the place where belong, believe, and become are happening simultaneously. This is what we mean in our mission statement when we say that Second Baptist Church is committed to fostering meaningful, Christ-centered community.  Meaningful Christ-centered community is a place where true belonging nurtures deep transformation. In us. Through us. All around us. 

But how do we get there? How do we become that kind of community? 

One of the most powerful tools we have in this endeavor is Story. We have to learn to find ourselves in the larger story of God. And we have to learn to find each other in that Story as well. 

We do this by learning and sharing. By learning and sharing God’s story. By learning and sharing our stories. 

At Second Baptist we have many mediums for this: worship, small groups, classes, fun events and shared mission opportunities are a few of the ways we pursue this. But they are not the only ways. We need to share our stories, and in this busy, on-the-go world, we’re always looking for new ways to do that. 

This is one of those ways. This thing you’re holding in your hand is the first edition of “The Bridge.” It will come out 3 times annually. When you see it, I hope you’ll grab it, open it, and spend some time with it. Because it’s filled with stories. Your stories. Our stories. Stories that unveil and inspire our life together. Stories that may serve as a bridge between us and others.  Stories that are meant to celebrate and foster true belonging, so that deep transformation is continually being nurtured in us, through us, and all around us. 

We hope you enjoy this first step onto the Bridge. May it be one of many each of us takes toward meaningful, Christ-centered community… 

Stepping forward,

Posted by Kelsey Adams at 1:59 PM
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