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Not a Cup: But a Cow by Ed Chasteen

For seven years Al and Mary Ann Ditrow from McPherson, Kansas and Caby and Betty Byrne for 17 years from Clinton, Mississippi have been drawn to Heifer Ranch, a 1,200 acre Camelot outside Perryville, Arkansas, where they volunteer for months at a time. Now for just a day five of us have come from Liberty, Missouri so these four long-termers can work their magic on us, sharing with us the Heifer vision for the world and showing us the simulated world villages housed on their acres, the animals they share with the world and the vegetables they grow for their neighbors.

Al is a retired agriculture teacher from McPherson College, a Mennonite college. Caby retired as Baptist Student Director at Mississippi State. The five of us have come from Second Baptist Church to learn the work done by Heifer. The four volunteers greet us. They stick closer than a shadow this Saturday afternoon and evening, shepherding us through videos, conversations, golf-cart treks in the rain to see the place. The story of Dan West emerges. And with it, the origin of Heifer. Dan was an aid worker trying to feed children after a war. He never had enough cups of milk.

Posted by Nicole Swanson at 11:35 AM
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