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Middle School Retreat

This past weekend 25 of us traveled to Miracle Hills Retreat in Bethany, MO for a Middle School Retreat. We began our retreat with our new People Mover getting stuck in the mud right before we reaching our destination. Thank God that the guy who runs the retreat had a tractor who could pull us out of the mud, and thank God for Mark Hilton who was willing to help guide the vehicle out.   

Our students loved the beautiful landscape and atmosphere at Miracle Hills. It’s a fantastic place to getaway. It’s not too fancy, and it’s not rundown. Our sessions revolved around three questions: Who am I?, Who is God?, and Who are we? These conversations were rich with meaning and significance for all of us.   

We had a great time playing Scatterball (Legends style), football, and Capture-the-Flag. All around, it was a fantastic experience and I am so honored to have been with our students. 


Posted by Kelsey Adams at 3:21 PM
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