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Making a Transformation Difference Workshop (from Love INC)

Program Registration & Dates  

Making a Transformational (T4M) Difference is a four-hour workshop presented by Love INC of Clay County to help Christians, church leaders and community based organizations understand poverty and how to make a transformational difference in serving the poor and needy.  

There is no cost to you, but space is limited, so please call David at (816) 994-6927 for more information and to register.   

Remaining 2015 program dates: 

 Saturday, July 18 

Saturday October 17 

 Workshops are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

What You Will Learn... 

If you didn’t grow up in poverty, you may be unaware of the “hidden rules” that govern many aspects of life for the poor. People in poverty are often in survival mode, where the future holds no promise, and support systems taken for granted in middle class and wealth are nonexistent.  If your church, agency, or organization works with people from poverty, only a deeper understanding of their challenges—and strengths—will help you partner with them to create opportunities for success.   In this workshop you will discover specific solutions you and your church or organization can implement right now.   

What you will learn:  
  • To understand poverty at the personal  level 
  • To create relationships with people in poverty 
  • To develop personal skills needed to work with people in poverty 
  • To design programs to better serve people in need 

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