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Live Out Loud by Connie McNeill

Science fiction is a very entertaining genre to me. Super heroes, space ships, aliens, things that crawl up out of ground, rise out of the sea, languages not spoken on earth. One reason I like it is because heroes and heroines always emerge in science fiction. Someone has to save humanity!

So, I have a science fiction book/movie plot to share with you. Here’s the premise, something happens to earth and all humans have the ability to think about someone and that person takes on the feelings and beliefs that the other person has about him/her. For example, Harry believes that Juan is very confident and self-reliant so Juan becomes confident and self-reliant. Sarah believes that Jamie is conceited so Jamie becomes conceited. In truth, none of these people are the way it is believed they are until someone decides something about them and they become what is believed.

What happens when Sarah thinks Jamie is conceited but in the next moment Jennie thinks that Jamie is the kindest person she has ever known? What happens if both Sarah and Jennie think that Jamie is extremely insecure? Will poor Jamie suffer from a double dose of insecurity?

The details to make the plot consistent aren’t worked out but it’s an interesting idea don’t you think? Who would you think about and what would you think? Would you seek some kind of revenge on someone? Would you build someone up who needs to realize his or her real value? How would you use your “power?”

Here’s a strange scenario. What if you exercised your power in a consistent way that began to be recognized by others? Would it cause people to fear you? If so, their thoughts would make you a monster. If they admired you, their thoughts would make you a saint? Which would really be you?

Is this part of what God is up to in our lives? Wishing for us? Showing us? Giving us opportunity after opportunity? Oh, that God could “think” us into what God desires for us to be. Or really, oh that I would choose to be all that God already desires for me to be. It’s a little different than my movie/book plot because with God there is a desire for each of us but because God desires it, doesn’t mean it has to happen. God gives us freedom of choice. We can become God’s own but only if and every time we choose to be.

 I do find that the more I choose to be God’s own, my thoughts about others change. I wish for them better things. I do not wish them pain or for evil to come to them. I don’t change them by thinking differently about them but I change. I become better. I become more God’s own. Not perfected but more aware of how much I want to work toward God’s image for me.

If I get really ambitious and out of things to do, I might take a crack at the book/movie idea. In the meantime, I believe that secret thoughts don’t make us who we are. Living out loud makes us who we are. “Live long and prosper.”

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Posted by Nicole Swanson at 11:47 AM
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