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“Is that really what Christmas is about, a baby?” by Linda Greason

Tuesday, December 4  
Jeremiah 33:14-16

“Behold, days are coming…when I will fulfill the good word which I have spoken concerning the house of Israel…He shall execute justice and righteousness on the earth.” (Jeremiah 33:14)

“Hey, unto you a child is born!” and with these words, I concluded reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever to my eighth graders. My students were mesmerized by the classic story and found humor and camaraderie with the Herdman children. The rag-tag, fictional, main characters were mirror images of my students who were also from broken homes, poverty, and dysfunctional behavior. Both my students and the Herdman children were unschooled in the ways of the Christmas story as illustrated by the student who looked at me with all seriousness at the story’s conclusion and asked, “Is that really what Christmas is about, a baby?”

The prophet Jeremiah shared a similar good news with the Israelites. He proclaimed to his contemporaries that God was sending His righteousness to the House of Israel. Did they wonder, as my student did, if this was what God was all about; saving Judah? From what? Do we today totally understand God’s good news of Advent in our lives? Perhaps my student’s question is appropriate for contemplation even now.  Is Advent and/or the Christmas season only about a baby for you? Or, is it a yearly reminder that no matter how dysfunctional or broken our lives, there is hope in the fulfillment of the promise given by God to all of humanity. The Christ child is born and God’s righteousness has come to earth.