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Easy Summer Living by Janet Hill

“Summertime! And the living is easy.” Or is it? Schedules change in the summer but they don’t always slow down. Summer sports tournaments, special classes, VBS and Masterpiece, picnics and pool parties, grandkids visiting (maybe even spending the night) all add new opportunities and a different pace to summer. All of which is good and a welcome rest from the routine and regularity of the Autumn, Winter, and Spring life. 

Summer is also a time to take a break from church routines. Maybe your Community Group isn’t meeting this summer. Choirs and music ensembles have abbreviated schedules. Weekends at the lake offer a time to worship God in a natural sanctuary instead of the beauty of the 2BC sanctuary. But in your changing schedule we encourage you to keep the roots of your belonging at 2BC watered and ready to grow. Summer can be a great time for growth in your personal spiritual development and in the spiritual development of your family. Here are some ideas about how to do that!

  • When you are away from home, watch the Facebook Live broadcast of the service—it doesn’t have to be at 11:00 on Sunday, anytime your family is gathered will work.
  • Remember to pray for your fellow church family members. The website prayer page ( has updated prayer lists each week (updates are posted on Fridays). 
  • Read your church e-newsletters. If you don’t get the Monday Highlights and the This Week @2BC newsletters in your inbox, sign up at the bottom of the home page (
  • Take advantage of some of the special summer events and ministries. Details can be found on our events page ( There is a wide variety of opportunities such as::
    • Yoga
    • Walking Classes
    • Art classes and camps
    • Summer orchestra and choir 
    • Lunch and supper gatherings
    • Pool parties
    • Maybe even some things we haven’t thought of yet
  • While vacationing, look for God in places you don’t see him at work at home. Post a picture of a time when God spoke to you on vacation with #MyVacationGodSighting and tag Second Baptist Church. This will help us connect and find a sense of belonging as a church family.
  • Visit a church you wouldn’t have an opportunity to visit when you have fall church year obligations. Bring home ideas and share them with the ministerial and support staff at 2BC.
  • Volunteer for a mission project, either through 2BC’s many summer opportunities or one that is of interest to you and your family. Serving together is a great way to instill in kids and grandkids what you believe about sharing God’s love with others and why it’s important. Post a picture of your family serving with #2BCMembersServingThisSummer and tag Second Baptist.
  • Bring family and friends with you to worship service when you’re in town. Share with them what you love about 2BC.

Whatever changes you make in your summer schedule, know that your 2BC family loves you and misses you when you can’t be here. We also encourage you to rest and find sabbath in the change of routine that summer brings. Wherever and however far the road takes you this summer you have a place to belong, believe, and become with your 2BC church family. We’re excited to hear about what summer brings to you and yours! 

Posted by Janet Hill at 6:00 AM
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