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Come to the Table of Faiths by Ed Chasteen

Table of Faiths

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sheraton Crown Center

Kansas City, MO

6-9 PM.


One Family One World One Future


This year on Tuesday, April 21, Table of Faiths meets at the Sheraton Crown Center Hotel from 6 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $35. This event is sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council, giving us all the rare opportunity to meet folks from every faith community found right here in our neighborhood.

As President of HateBusters and as Ambassador from Second Baptist Church to Other Communities of Faith, I have bought two tables, each seating 10. The first 20 folks from 2BC to email me ( and sign up will sit at these two tables. I'm also hoping that a couple of others from 2BC might be led to buy a table for 10 and invite some folks to join them. (Those who buy a table for 10 get a 10% discount off the $350.00 cost.) I'm also hoping that individual 2BCers might buy a ticket for $35. My dream for Table of Faiths is that many of us from 2BC will find a friend of another faith, thereby enriching our mutual public lives and our individual spiritual selves. My dream is that 50 members and friends of 2BC will be present at Table of Faiths. Together we can make this happen.


The theme for this year's Table of Faiths is One Family, One World, One Future. For those of us who attend from Second Baptist Church, I would add: One New Friend. During the 180 minutes we are together with folks from the many faith communities who are our neighbors, we will meet dozens of people. We will learn a few facts about their faith. And that is good. The very best thing, though, would be to find a friend, someone with whom during the evening we arrange a follow-up conversation by phone, email, text or maybe a meal together at some convenient place. If at Table of Faiths we exchange email addresses and/or phone numbers with one person of another faith and make a plan to get in touch, I will be happy and think of our time together as a great success.

To illustrate what I have in mind, each day on my blog I will write about folks from many of the faith communities I have met. To read about the friends I have found in our neighboring faith communities, go to

And I would be overjoyed if one day you would email me to tell me about your new friend!

Ed Chasteen, Ambassador

from Second Baptist Church

to Other Communities of Faith


For more information:

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