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Claim Your Hope by Rodney Pilson

What a pleasure it was to again work with the youth of Second Baptist and be their guest speaker for Disciple Now. Through our time together, we unpacked the many ways that hope is such an integral component of our faith. First, we looked at hope as being a confident expectation. We contrasted that with the ways that hope is generally used and understood, perhaps as a wish or a dream. Next, we moved into the understanding that hope is a gift from God, and that such a gift should be tied to our faith and not used for selfish motives such the desires for fame and fortune. Hope, instead, is something that we turn to when there seems to be no other choice; when we face situations that seem overwhelming. We explored the many ways in our life that we find ourselves in situations that seem hopeless, with seemingly no chance of change. In those moments, we saw how hope is our refuge while we wait for the Lord to guide us through. Third, it was important for the youth to know that hope is a gift from God that cannot be taken away. Hope can, however, be covered up, misplaced or forgotten. We discussed the many distractions of life and how in those moments hope can seem so lost, especially when we are facing hardships and circumstances that cause us pain. It’s in these times especially, when claiming our hope is most needed. No matter what our students face and no matter where they go, may they always remember to remain hopeful, with a confident expectation that God will provide all that is needed to see them through.

Until we meet again,
Rodney Pilson

We are grateful to Rodney leading our students and our congregation to a deeper understanding of Hope. Rev. Rodney Pilson grew up in Patrick County, Virginia. After high school, he served six years in the Army and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After completing his deployment, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership from Carolina Christian College, followed by a Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University. 

Rodney is a Family Support Coordinator for Carolina Donor Services and enjoys preaching and teaching the gospel every chance he gets. Rodney is married to Holly and they are parents to their 6-year-old son, Silas, and their 6 month-old daughter, Quinn. The Pilson family currently resides in Clemmons, North Carolina.

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