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Catalyst 2.0 Prayer Guide : Welcomeness by Greg Mees


by Greg Mees

Psalm 122:1:  I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”   

Do you remember the first time you stepped through the doors at Second? Were you nervous, excited, or moved? What did you experience? Did people introduce themselves, invite you to a Bible Study class, or show you to the sanctuary? Why did you come back? Was it because you felt accepted and knew you could grow your relationship with Christ at Second? The answers to these questions determined if you returned to Second and still determine if visitors return to Second. How our church community welcomes visitors is a critical component of hospitality. Hospitality involves all of us, not just the greeters and the ministerial staff. Jesus said in Matthew 25:35 “…I was a stranger and you invited me in.” I truly hope that after a visitor attends an event at Second they do not feel like a stranger but feel invited in to our community of faith. Over the next several months, Second will be working to improve our already-strong hospitality plan and we will need everyone’s help.   

Visiting Second was a life-changing event for my family and me. It is my desire to help continue and even strengthen the impressive culture of “welcomeness” that I experienced when my family first visited 2BC on Sunday, April 14, 2013. I want to thank those of you who interacted with our family on our first visit to Second.  We were greeted with a smile as we entered the Welcome Center, escorted to and introduced to Maria Rucker and Gwen Phillips in the nursery, taken to Steve Guinn’s Sunday School class where we were greeted warmly, and finally taken to the sanctuary where at least three couples approached us and welcomed us. After the service, we picked up Hannah and Lauren from childcare, where we met Marilyn Buhlig and other caring, helpful teachers.  Becky Gossett later arrived at our house to thank us for attending and dropped off bread for us to enjoy. As we closed the door of our home after briefly visiting with Becky, we knew we had found our church home. Though you might not remember talking with me that day, thank you for your hospitality; you changed four lives for the better as you helped start the Mees family on our journey to Believe. Belong. Become. . . . at Second.      

How can you become a welcoming presence to stranger (and future friend) that walks through doors of Second Baptist Church?
Posted by Terri Soper at 12:00 AM
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