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Catalyst 2.0 Prayer Guide : A School With a Church by Ellen Gregory

A School with a Church  

by Ellen Gregory

Matthew 11:25:  At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.   

From a different perspective . . . driving Second Friends Preschoolers back from Science City last spring, I heard a little voice behind me say "Is this a church bus?” The teacher replied "Yes, it is.” Then I heard, "Oh, does our school have a church?” and I had to smile. Since then, I have reflected over that short conversation many times.   

One of the things that drew Larry and me to Second Baptist over 20 years ago was the number of young families with small children and the importance Second places on nurturing, education, and the security of even our littlest ones.   

We have raised two daughters as part of this church family and our girls have grown into women of strong faith with a passion for service to people needing help. There is no way to put a price on this, yet it is due to programs that are still going strong and are funded by the Catalyst.  Sunday School ministries, Wednesday night mission programs, the youth program, choirs from children through adults, handbells, orchestra, Vacation Bible School, mission trips, children and youth camps. And we can’t forget Second Friend Preschool. Although it has become a ministry that is self-funded, it began 20 years ago as part of our church budget and has grown into a successful ministry to our community.   

We are a church of vision and passion with the knowledge that we must raise our future generations to develop their own vision and passion through deep relationship with the one true God.   

I come back around to the conversation on the bus. Yes, indeed. Second Friends Preschool has a Church.  A Church that values them, prays for them, volunteers when needed, and is just plain proud of them. What more can I say?     

Thank God for the impact Second Friends Preschool has had on countless children and families over the years.

Posted by Terri Soper at 12:00 AM
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