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Catalyst 2.0 Prayer Guide : A New Season by Jason Edwards

A New Season

by Jason Edwards

Today is the first day of a new season at Second Baptist Church. Today is “First Fruits” Sunday. Today is the beginning of Catalyst 2.0.   

 Today I am eager.  I am eager because I know that God has some exciting things in store for our congregation over the next 24 months. As we continue to grow in our ministry of hospitality I know our ability to welcome new people into meaningful, Christ-centered community will only become more robust. As every one of us becomes more equipped and motivated to serve in ways God has designed us, I know that we will continue to embrace our longing to live out a whole-life faith. As we dream together through our Collective Action Initiative, I know God is going to stir something tangible in us that will continue to help us pursue our desire to bring glory to God as a transforming, missional presence around our world.   

And I am also grateful.  I am grateful for the generosity that has brought us this far. So many of you have chosen to allow God’s generosity to flow through you over the past 24 months. You have given of your time, your talents, and your resources in ways that have enhanced our church’s ability to pursue the dream of God together. I am grateful for the mark you continue to allow God to make upon you, our city, our region and our world through the spiritual practice of generosity. And I am also grateful for the mark you have made upon me.   

At the beginning of our Catalyst journey I was privileged to hear many of you share with me what you planned to do during Catalyst. I left those conversations inspired and challenged: So challenged, in fact, that Christy and I changed our own giving plans.   

You may remember me sharing this with you. Before Catalyst we tithed, we gave 10% of our monthly income to the church. We also gave money to the renovation fund and another organization we support on top of that. Finally we planned an additional monthly giving amount for Catalyst. We felt good about our plans, but after being inspired by some of you, we prayed about it and decided to double the additional amount we had planned to give for Catalyst.   

Now I have to tell you, giving this amount of money was not easy for us. Sometimes we weren’t sure we were going to be able to follow through. But on faith, we did. And through this process, God has been faithful to supply our needs. Somehow or another, there has been enough. And that enough has been multiplied. Sacrifice always leaves a mark. It’s transformative. Your sacrifices have left a mark on us, leading us to practice generosity in a way that has continued to mark us. And for that I am grateful.   

My hope and prayer is that a mark will continue to be left as we move through this next season of life and ministry together; that we will continue to feel the marks of God’s generosity on us; that we will continue to be impacted by the generosity of others in our community; that our world will continue to be marked by our generosity; and ultimately, that through all of that, we and our world will be transformed.   

Today is a good day for us. Let’s move forward from it with eagerness and gratitude as we seek to become catalysts for God’s dreams to come true.   

How have you decided to participate in the dream of God with our faith community over the next 24 months? Will you pray for the wisdom, direction, and courage to be daring and committed for Christ’s sake in the months ahead?  
Posted by Terri Soper at 12:00 AM
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