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A Week at Unidiversity by Charles Smith

The High School participants in Unidiversity arrived safely on Monday, July 22 in soggy Maryville, Tennessee! The rain was supposed to clear up, and they looked forward to a great first full day of camp life!

The theme this week is Fathoms, and we’ll be exploring the depth of God’s love for us. Day 1 was how deeply and personally God knows us and relates with us. The rest of the week included how deeply God knows us and how deep God’s presence is with us. The students have even discussed that when we feel a great weight of loneliness and despair, God is with us and loves us in the midst of this dark time. We had impactful conversations about this in our Bible study and church group times, and our speaker Amy Jacks Dean has done an amazing job of leading us in these conversations from the pulpit as well.

Each day of camp included Bible studies, seminars, electives, worship, as well as giant water games and ice cream runs! It’s been wonderful opening ourselves up to new people and new experiences. 

Speaking of new experiences, we even had a trip to Dollywood! Yee-haw y’all! We had a great time! This time of recreation was a chance to get away from campus and spend time with just our group, and we took full advantage.

Now that camp is over, we still covet your prayers for energy (especially for leaders), and a continued spirit of excitement and community bonding are appreciated! We had an amazing week! A week of spiritual growth, new friendships, and memories we’ll carry with us for a lifetime. We have explored the fathoms of God’s love, and we return with new perspectives, renewed purpose, and deeper connections with people who will continue to support us.



Posted by Charles Smith at 12:22 PM
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