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2BC Annex : AKA The Meyer's Building

2BC Annex – AKA The Meyer’s Building  at 10 N. Leonard Street   

You may want to know what has happened with the building since the church acquired it in December.  The current tenants, the small engine repair business, has been granted use of the building until March 1, when they will move to a new location.  In the meantime, a property use team, led by Allan Aunspaugh, is being assembled to assess the current condition of the building, secure the property for the safety of the church and community, and determine possible short and long-term uses of the building.  Our hope is that you will see a gradual transition into a safe and secure property as we rebrand the building in the coming months. 

For questions please contact Allan Aunspaugh at the church, 781-2824.

Posted by Terri Soper at 9:45 AM
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