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24-month Catalyst Ministry Plan :: from Pastor Jason

Thank you so much for your investment in our 24-month Catalyst Ministry Plan. Because of your generous commitment to God through Second Baptist Church, we’ve taken important steps these last several months and have seen significant growth in our shared ministry here at Second Baptist Church, around the K.C. Metro Region, and throughout our world. From meaningful worship, to the spiritual growth of so many children and adults, to gospel-shaped service happening in Haiti, South Dakota, Liberty, and around the globe through 2BC mission partnerships and the Send Initiative, it’s so encouraging and beautiful to know each dollar we give supports such an incredible variety of ministries.  As I reflect on all of it (so much more than I’ve mentioned here), I am so appreciative of your generosity.


Looking forward, I want to encourage you to continue in generous faithfulness. We have much to celebrate, but in the midst of our celebration we are also mindful of projects, debt retirement goals, and other important ministry commitments that have yet to be fulfilled. Currently, we are behind the pace we set for ourselves when we pledged our 24-month Catalyst ministry plan in November of 2012. We have taken important steps forward together, but in order for us to finish Catalyst strong, each of us has to choose to finish strong. And remember, our Catalyst initiative ends on October 31 of this year.


What might you do between now and then to ensure a completion to our 24-month Catalyst plan that all of us can celebrate?


With love, gratitude, encouragement, and hope…



Posted by Kelsey Adams at 9:00 AM
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