Ann Posey

Meet Ann Posey


We moved to Liberty from Mobile, Ala. when Phil accepted a teaching position at William Jewell College in 1965.  Second Baptist was the kind of church we were planning on looking for. It was so different from the churches we grew up in and served in that it took about six weeks for us to decide to join. Several young couples and families, including Bill Riggs, made us feel welcome by inviting us into their homes for fellowship after church on Sunday evenings.  Phil actually was called as minister of music (part-time) in the late 60s.

Lydia Lovan was the organist and a very fine one - she never missed anything.  She let me substitute for her occasionally.  We had been members of Second for about 12 years when Mrs. Lovan retired. I had just finished a master's degree in organ performance and pedagogy and Second Baptist let me begin.

I love Second Baptist because the people have loved our family in so many ways for nearly 50 years. These people have encouraged and strengthened our marriage, raised our children and been our support all of this time - even before I became organist.  This church encourages us to find our place of service using the gifts God has given.

I grew up (from the age of 9) in Mobile, Ala. attending a "fire and brimstone," with many revivals, church.  My parents made it possible for me to have two very good piano teachers.  When I was about 13 our church bought a mighty Hammond organ.  One of the organists for a revival made "the winds and the waves shall obey My will"  sound just like the text and I was hooked.  So the organist at the First Presbyterian church became my teacher.  Soon after, I felt like God was calling me into music ministry as an organist.   And soon after that, I started playing the Hammond organ for our church.  The minister of music was a student at New Orleans seminary and was very helpful and encouraging.  After I went to college, a new minister of music was called - Phillip Posey (a friend of my brother's).  The church let me substitute when I was home from college and the rest is history.

After I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in organ and church music, taught a semester at Clarke Memorial College in Mississippi, and Phil completed a master's degree in music at Eastman, we married.  A couple of years later, God called us to William Jewell and Second Baptist - that is a long story but the sentence sums it up.

My family includes my husband, Phillip (now retired), Teresa and her husband Otis Miller (they met and married at Second Baptist), their children Claire, Trey, and Davis; Scott - a software engineer in San Francisco, and Dawn - a professional free lance violinist in Pittsburgh, Pa.

I have been richly blessed to be able to serve this church through music with 4 pastors and 2 ministers of music.  Not many people get to do what they love to do in one place for this long so I thank God for this opportunity.  This church is very loving, forgiving, generous and appreciative.