Mike Lassiter


Meet Mike Lassiter
Associate Pastor for Community Care and Missions

As Associate Pastor for Community Care and Missions, and “Fun” (my word, not in the official job title), I have really enjoyed my 23 years at Second Baptist.  Mostly because the congregation engages so well with each other, neighbors, and the communities where they live. You will often find the 2BC faith community rallying around individuals, families, and even other communities as needs are made known. There is a “what can we do?” mentality that reflects a beautiful spiritual discipline of servant hood. While my staff role includes helping to shape how we as a faith community engage in missions, so many have helped shape my own engagement in missions that began after college with one year in the former country of Zaire, now the Congo. 

My wife Debbie and I raised our four children at Second Baptist and often reflect with gratitude how we couldn’t have chosen a church family any better to nurture and support our family. With the family grown and moving on with their own lives and families, and with knees that rebel against playing the best game in the world–AKA Ultimate Frisbee–I now turn my attention to hobbies, and in a sense, an extension of my own discipleship that include: building simple furniture, gardening, enjoying the outdoors, and exploring simple living.