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School Connections Update

The start of the 2017-2018 school year is fast approaching, and that means there is a need for Youth Mentors to support the students at Lillian Schumacher Elementary.

As this quote says, “We believe even the slightest positive influence has the potential to change a child’s life.”  Being a Youth Mentor can be that positive impact that so many children need.

Mentoring has been shown to benefit children in many ways. Here’s just a few:


  • Better attitude toward school
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved attendance
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Increased graduation rates
  • Improved behavior at home and school

Mentors in Liberty Public Schools can choose from a number of in-school activities in which to participate. You might have lunch with a student, tutor, read, or simply be a good friend who listens. This can be done one-on-one with a child or with children in a small group.

The School Connections Team is looking for people who are interested in being a Youth Mentor. The process is very simple. Interested individuals need to complete a Youth Mentor application, which is available at the Welcome Center. Completed applications should be mailed to Colleen Jones at Liberty Public Schools Central Office. All applicants undergo a background screening, attend an interview and a short training session.  

If you have questions about the Youth Mentor program, feel free to contact Colleen Jones, coordinator of Liberty’s mentoring program. You may also contact Debbie Lane, facilitator of The School Connections Team. Debbie's contact information is available on The Hub.

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August Update from the Search Committee for the Associate Pastor of Worship & Music

Greetings from the Search Committee for our next Associate Pastor of Worship & Music. We are pleased to say that we have identified our top candidates and can see the end of our process in sight. We are anxious to present our church family with our recommendation, but we still have a couple of important steps in the process that we need to complete. We are currently conducting reference checks on the candidates to confirm that our perception of each candidate from our interviews is an accurate reflection of who they are. We will also be scheduling an in-person meeting with our finalist(s) and their family(ies) to have a deeper understanding of them in person. Finally, there will be conversations with our finalist about compensation, benefits and other job-related items that will need to be ironed out.

After these steps are completed, we are confident that we will be able to present our recommended candidate at an 'In View of a Call' weekend. Of course, our church community at that time will be able to meet the candidate, ask questions and get to know the individual better. While we feel we are nearing the end of our process, we hesitate to put a timeline on when to expect the 'In View of a Call' weekend as we know things can shift and change with candidates who are being evaluated. Know that we are close and ask for continued prayer, for us as a committee and the finalists we have identified, that God would give us both wisdom and discernment as we decide on our next Associate Pastor of Worship & Music.

Thank You,

Search Committee for Associate Pastor of Worship & Music

Nick Bartlow, Leslie Bunch, Jessica Greason, Don Long, Susan Miller, Ken Personett, Karen Rogers, Carol Weirich, Dustin Williams


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A Note From Pastor Jason, August 2017 Monthly


Signaling Return

Our 2BC Fall Kickoff is Sunday, August 20. On this day our age-graded classes promote, and on this week our fall programming begins. We will also have food trucks ready to serve tasty meals for a picnic on the grounds after the 11:00 service. We do this to celebrate the day. We also do this to entice you back to church. In fact, until this year we affectionately called this “Back to Church Sunday” with the idea that if you’ve been away for a while (for summer vacation or even longer) this Sunday could serve as a great
re-entry into spiritual practices of weekly worship, community, discipleship, and service. If you've been away in any way, this is an opportunity to return.

This reminds me of the Jewish practice of T’shuvah, which literally means “turn” or “return.”

In Jewish tradition, T’shuvah is most frequently associated with the High Holy Days, such as Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). In each of the days of Rosh Hashanah, an instrument made from a ram’s horn called a shofar is blown 100 times. According to the famous Jewish philosopher Maimonides, the sound of the shofar on Rosh Hashanah is meant to wake up the soul and turn its attention to the important task of repentance…to realigning oneself with God, Scripture, and the practices of sacred community…to T’shuvah.

I don’t believe we’ve calendared the blowing of a shofar at any point this month, though I do hope the promotion of classes, the prospect of picnicking, and every upcoming transition from summer habits into fall routines will signal our return. Return to the regular weekly habits of worship, community, discipleship, and service? Absolutely! And perhaps this month we could all listen closely for the music of the Spirit calling us to return to even deeper places of alignment, authenticity, awareness, and action in our relationship with God.

See you soon,

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