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Why Do We Go by Blane Baker

One of the most commonly asked questions about Mission Trips is: why go? In response, I would like to give some of my honest reflections, based on my own experiences in Thailand.

I believe we go “on mission” to deepen our relationship with God and His plan for humanity. As an example, several of us from 2BC have taken trips to Thailand to work alongside Tui and his group at UHDP. During our visits, we have immersed ourselves in a variety of projects. One of these involves the fight for basic human rights for various hill-tribe peoples in northern Thailand. Many are refugees from Myanmar where violence and threats have caused much strife and anxiety. Seeking peace, these former citizens of Myanmar have crossed the border into Thailand illegally.

As refugees and non-citizens living in Thailand, these folks generally find peace, but they have very few rights. As a result, healthcare and schooling are limited, and travel is severely restricted. The Thai government retains the right to force them to move at a moment’s notice. Other terrible things like human trafficking occur in these areas, too. Given the plight of these humble and peaceful people, I believe we are called to action. So what can we do?

I would encourage many of us to go to these regions in northern Thailand to see firsthand how refugees and displaced peoples live. Their stories will become part of our stories. From these connections, we will be compelled to act, and God’s Kingdom will be closer at hand. If you are unable to travel to these remote places, become an advocate and pray. With enough advocacy and prayer, a steady movement will begin. That movement will gain momentum. As a result, government policies will change, and humanitarian groups will increasingly support the work there. And, we will have done our part. 
Dawn in Thailand Red Paluang Women Thai-Myanmar Boarder