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The Gift of Community by Kim Halfhill

Community is a gift. It is the gift of friends supporting one another and sharing resources during a challenging season of life. Of friends laughing together and praying together over a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. Of friends growing closer to God through an in-depth Bible study. Of friends asking hard questions about living out their faith. Of friends enjoying sweet fellowship over a meal together. Of friends doing life together. Community is a gift and God is at work in our community groups.

This fall we made an intentional shift in our schedule to make it more convenient to join a community group. Our goal is that all members of 2BC will find a place to connect through a community group. We took into account the busy schedules families follow and our small groups will now meet on Sunday and Wednesday, as in the past, but also at other times and days of the week to meet the needs of the individuals within the group. This intentional change in our schedule is also reflected in the funding sought in the 2019-20 Catalyst Ministry Plan. 

In October, ten new community groups launched at 2BC. There are groups of all shapes and sizes seeking to grow in relationship with God and with one another. Most community groups will meet for 9-10 months out of the year (typically coinciding with the school year), although some groups may continue to meet year round. Some groups formed around common study interests and others came together because of a shared stage of life. Other groups center around a unique ministry passion or group activity. Most groups range in size from 8-12 participants and meet at various days and times. 

If you’re still searching for a community group, it’s not too late to join one! There are a few groups that still have open spaces and some new groups will be launching in late January. For more information about leading or joining a community group, please contact Kim Halfhill, Engagement Director, at or 816-781-2824.  

Sunday Lunch Bunch Wednesday Women's Group Sunday Morning Bible Study Group Some of the Resources Available for Community Groups