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The Dream of Community by Jason Edwards

The Dream of Community 

We are doubling down on our mission statement, which says that we are committed to fostering meaningful, Christ-centered community. In our church. In your lives. In our life together. 

We do this with purpose, believing that God has not made us to go through life alone but to live and grow in community.

With this in mind, we have renewed our commitment to helping every one of our members find a small group where they can nurture life-giving relationships with Christ and one another. This is why Kim Halfhill has been working so diligently to create so many new group offerings. Newly formed Community Groups begin meeting this month. If you’re in one of these groups, I want you to know I’m excited about the journey you’re about to take together. It prompts my thinking back to the first Community Group Christy, and I facilitated after coming to Second Baptist. I actually wrote about this for the soon-to-be-released 175th-anniversary book. Here are my 175 words: (start counting words with the title if you want to check my work)

A Dream Come True

Harland, Francis, Gwen, Harold, Karen, Jason, Jennifer, Christy and Jason: our intergenerational Community Group. For three years we gathered on Tuesdays around our dining room table. We shared taco stacks, prayers, life-stories and spiritual formation. We learned from one another, laughed together, listened to one another; served together. Community came into being as we shared our spiritual autobiographies. Community deepened as time, commitment, study and habit wove threads of experience between us, drawing each of us into the ever-growing spiritual autobiographies of all of us. Community was enriched as we served together in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. Each day we learned about the urban poor and worked with Metro Baptist Church and her mission partners. Each evening we enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Manhattan. Our friend Harland had a lifelong dream of seeing a Broadway play. We were with him when that dream became a reality. We were together when the dream of the community became reality. For all of that, I remain truly grateful. 

I've talked with others recently who shared unique, but similar reflections from their own group experiences at 2BC. One person told me their group was the most meaningful thing they’d ever experienced in a church. This comes, of course, through intentionality, mutual vulnerability, courage, support, and always, with commitment over time. I do hope you’re enjoying the blessing of a group committed to nurturing a relationship with Christ and one another. If not, I’m praying God will create and draw you into the right group at the right time in the days ahead. Will you pray with me? New groups have formed, and more new groups will be forming in the future. We’re committed to it. 

Grace and peace to you…
 Jason Edwards
Senior Pastor

If you’re interested in joining a Community Group, please contact Kim Halfhill.

Posted by Jason Edwards at 7:00 AM