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Missions at 2BC Where We Believe, Belong, Become

We have commissioned four SEND Initiative teams this summer and plan to commission one more before the summer is over. Also, there are trips planned to Ukraine and Thailand soon. Mission is an important part of what we believe at 2BC. As you strive to belong, believe and become at 2BC understanding that philosophy and participating in an active way with our mission efforts will help you become all that God has planned for you to be.

The Missions Committee at 2BC exists to seek out and engage in partnerships for missions and ministry for the Second Baptist faith community. We begin with the notion that the gospel still speaks to the deep need of people to have a personal relationship with God and that we must rely on the power of God and the Holy Spirit and not ourselves. We understand that as a faith community we are part of the larger dream of God and so forming partnerships keep us in greater community as we seek to meet God at work in the world. As we consider these partnerships we desire to: 

  •  Promote Relationship 
  •  Use the asset-based model 
  •  Make our motivation clear and transparent 
  •  Anticipate mutual growth. 
  •  Provide Long-term sustainability 
  • In addition, we consider how the following might be reflected in the partnership: 
  • Relationship

…we approach our partnership in a holistic way…we will learn and incorporate genuine expressions of concern and trust. 


…we trust the Biblical mandate to be “reconciled to each other” and will seek and consider good ways for that to happen during the partnership. 


… partnerships can be cluttered after all we are human …we handle changes, unfulfilled expectations, cultural differences, or disappointments with a Christ-like attitude. 


…our partners are invited to spend time with us. Our greatest asset is each other and what God has called us to do together.

 If you are interested in learning more about the SEND Initiative, or our partnerships you can do so on the Serve pages of our website. We hope you visit them often as information changes frequently. Scholarships are available for those who participate in their first SEND trip. Contact Mike Lassiter or Jeff Buscher for more information about missions at 2BC. 



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