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Lessons Learned in the Kitchen by Linda Greason

“Come on Martha, get out of the kitchen!” Those words have been repeated often enough at my family gatherings when Greg, my husband, feels I have spent too much time in the kitchen and neglected our guests. Of course, his not-so-veiled reference is to “Mary and Martha,” the friends of Jesus who responded very differently when He visited their home, Mary listened to Jesus’ teaching while Martha prepared food. Scholars have criticized Martha, yet I would contend that meeting Jesus’ physical needs (i.e., Maslow’s hierarchy) was exactly what the teacher needed to continue His leadership of others. 

While hospitality may or may not be my spiritual gift, I do believe, like Martha, that taking care of physical needs is the most basic care one can give to another. When asked if I would assume the role of Kitchen Coordinator I honestly thought about this for a good long time. I am not a trained chef, yet, despite my lack of formal training, I accepted the role to serve my church community similar to Martha’s service toward Jesus.

In order to serve well, I have started my work with a good spring cleaning. The kitchen has been cleaned, rearranged, Health Department standards implemented, and as organized as possible. On Sunday, October 21st from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m., you are cordially invited to the kitchen/social hall area. I will be serving doughnuts (Slivenski’s of Kearney), apples with dip (GF of course), and cider. There will be a fun little scavenger hunt to help you find some of the more subtle changes that have occurred in the kitchen.  

In addition to tidying up the kitchen, I am also searching for folks who see themselves serving in the kitchen at Second Baptist. Becoming part of a cooking or clean-up team may be a way for you to serve others and your culinary passion(s). If you have the desire, I am sure I have a cooking style to fit your interest. We routinely have need of bar-b-que food, reception appetizers, and comfort food!

Do you belong in the kitchen? Do you believe this to be a viable area of service for you and your talents? Do you want to become a member of a cooking or clean-up team? If so, please talk with me about how you can share your gift of hospitality.

Tastefully yours,

Linda Greason