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There are so many things to pay attention to this month. 

Some of you are fitting in final summer 2018 outings or trips, even as teachers, students and parents are running new-school-year errands. The church leans into this rhythm too. Children’s classes are promoting. SERVE Sunday is happening. New Community Groups are emerging, and a new contemporary worship service is starting. All just in this month. It’s a busy time, full of so many good things. In the midst of them, there’s one thing, in particular, I’d like to make sure you make time to do:

Offer gratitude. Specifically, to Mike, Debbie and the Lassiter family. 

Sunday, August 26, (appropriately, SERVE Sunday) will be Mike Lassiter’s final Sunday as our Associate Pastor of Missions and Community Care. Mike has served as one of our pastors for 29 years – the first 20 as our Youth and Family Minister. The imprint of Mike’s life and ministry is deep and wide, less like a stamp and more like a river that continues to flow through all the lives he’s touched as he and Debbie have given their lives for the sake of Christ and others through Second Baptist Church. 

They will never fully know or understand the breadth and depth of how their lives have impacted others here – that’s how ministry works. However, you can do something to help them know and understand. You can tell them. You can pull them aside and share your love through a warm hug and thoughtful affirmations. You can mail or email notes of encouragement. (There are note cards available at the welcome desk.) You can offer a gift to symbolize your love and appreciation. I do hope you’ll take time this month to bless Mike and Debbie by letting them know how much they have blessed you. 

As a pastor, Mike has blessed us in so many ways – shaping the lives of students, nurturing mission partnerships, offering compassionate pastoral care, crafting community fostering events, organizing Wednesday meals and serving in countless other seldom seen ways behind the scenes. Though, mostly, when I think of Mike, I think of how he ministers to me personally when I’m with him.

Mike is gracious, kind, warm-hearted, sensitive, and pastoral. Mike knows how to be in the moment. He knows how to be present to you and with you in ways that help you become more present to God and the moment too. God continues to use Mike to minister to me personally and to challenge me pastorally in this beautiful gospel work we get to do. I am grateful to God for Mike and his life and ministry among us.

Thank you, Mike. We know you don’t like the spotlight on you. We know you’d rather slip out quietly. This is part of what we love about you. However, this month this is one wish from you we’re choosing to ignore. Mike, this month we’re celebrating you – whether you like it or not. 

With love and gratitude,
Jason Edwards
Senior Pastor

Posted by Jason Edwards at 6:00 AM