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A Word of Gratitude from our friend Bunsak Thongdi (Tui), Director of The Upland Holistic Development Project

The Vision of the Upland Holistic Development Project (UHDP) is to help hill tribe people in the golden triangle area of Southeast Asia rise above serious threats and increase their capacity to respond to their challenges. UHDP seeks to provide an appropriate Christian response related to rural development among marginalized people by emphasizing four core areas: environmental restoration, economic empowerment, spiritual renewal, and human rights. Currently, we partner with 38 hill tribe villages in northern Thailand, a church group in Myanmar who is working with 300 Karen Baptist churches for holistic development, and we have started a work in northern Laos for ethnic minorities.

Here is one personal story from a Palaung woman with whom we are working now: 

My name is Mrs. Baan Mokngern. I am 58-years old and living with my niece. I separated from my husband many years ago. I am Paulaung, from the Pang Dang Kok village. I don’t have Thai citizenship but registered for a legal document so I can live here without being arrested. Sometimes I work as a day laborer, but most of the time people don’t hire me because I am old. I have no roles in my village. 

About eight months ago, I started partnering with UHDP. I assisted in the building of a family water tank. Before that my family did not have enough clean water because we had just small containers to store rainwater or collect deep well water. Having a family water tank helps us have more water and I can collect rainwater as well. I also use the water to grow vegetable in my backyard. Sometimes the staff of UHDP provides training for us. I know that they are Christians but I am a Buddhist.  I have no problem with them. Time to time, I also help with the activities in the village such as cleaning, planting trees, sometimes cooking while having a meeting. I have no problem with my neighbors or people in the village. I want to see people love each other.

Water is still a big problem in my village during the dry season, so I want to make sure we have enough water. This is my dream. Please pray for us to have good rain and for other solutions to our water problem.

UHDP would like to thank Second Baptist Church for your support and good partnership to strengthen the ministry here in Thailand, as well as with marginalized peoples in Myanmar, Laos and other countries of the golden triangle region. May God bless you all 