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A Note From Pastor Jason--July by Jason Edwards

Neurobiologist and UCLA professor Daniel Siegel says “relationship, the connection between people, not only enhances mental functioning, but actually works to impart, to provide it. When we’re trying to get through a difficult time, reach an important goal to simply grow to be a healthier person. Quality relationships provide fuel for growth.” 

Research has shown, says Dr. Henry Cloud, that “if you are in a community that is getting healthy or overcoming something that is difficult, your chances of success go way, way up.” 

The psychological research Drs. Seigel and Cloud tap into reflects a biblical truth that has shaped our church’s mission statement. As Christians, we believe God is a social reality—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that in God’s image human beings are social beings. We were created for community.
With this in mind, our church’s mission statement says that Second Baptist Church is committed to fostering meaningful, Christ-centered community. This kind of community can be nurtured in a variety of ways—as we worship together, serve together, grow together and play together. But experience and study tell us the medium that most often nurtures meaningful community is the small group. As Peter Block states in his book “Community: The Structure of Belonging,” the small group is the unit of transformation. 

This is one significant reason why we’d like to see every member of Second Baptist invested in a small group committed to nurturing a relationship with God and growing in relationship with one another while finding ways to impact the world together in Jesus’ name. 

Are you currently invested in this kind of group at 2BC? If not, would you like to be?

This fall we are doubling down on our mission statement by starting a number of new 2BC Community Groups. Our new weekly schedule (which you’ve seen laid out by Connie McNeil in a previous publication) is meant to help better facilitate getting more people engaged in these kinds of transformational experiences. Are you interested in joining a group? Might you feel God calling you to lead a group either on Sunday morning or at some point during the week? If so, please reach out to Connie McNeill ( or Kim Halfhill ( soon. 

Consider this your invitation to join us as we take our next steps into an exciting future together.

With joy and expectation,


Posted by Jason Edwards at 6:00 AM
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