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100 Happy Kids Project by Steve Hemphill

Globally there are approximately 150,000,000 orphans. That is such an intimidating fact that, well, it makes you want to throw up your hands in surrender. That, however, is not an option for Christians. We are obligated to follow the admonition found in James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

November 11, 2018, is “Orphan Sunday” when churches everywhere are encouraged to take a stand for adoption, foster care, funding, and supporting of any effort to feed, clothe, and educate orphans. After two trips to Ukraine this past year, I find the plight of the orphan weighing heavy on my heart.  

Due to the ongoing fighting in Eastern Ukraine, there are nearly 100,000 orphans in Ukraine. It is not a wealthy country hence, they are virtually warehousing most of the orphans. I was thrilled to visit Revival Church in Kiev where Pastor Nick Ponomarev is promoting the “100 Happy Kids” project. He is recruiting 10 couples to EACH adopt 10 children...EACH. Pastor Nick is such an optimist he says he hopes these 100 kids are so happy to have been adopted into loving Christian homes that they will someday adopt 10 kids each and “we'll change the name to 1,000 Happy Kids”!

This is not just a theory as they are already recruiting the third couple. We at Second Baptist can help. We voted as a church to contribute about $100.00 per month toward the cost of building homes for these families. Your Catalyst contributions are what funds this regular monthly donation. However, our small contribution doesn't go very far in building homes for 12 residents! The costs run $75,000-100,000 each. I hope you'll consider contributing individually to supplement our church commitment. You will be blessed for certain!

100 Happy Kids' Home #2
Coatroom for 12 Kids
No Longer Orphaned